2004 Voter Guides - National, State & Local.

Christain Coalition of Pinellas County.
"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and a People who mean to be their own governours, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."   James Madison to WT Barry, August 4, 1822.”
If your 'knowledge' is not true; then liars will be your rule. - rek 10/17/06

       This is the index.html page for some of our Special Voters Guides of information and resources for registered voters covering various issues and candidates in government today.  Because of the overt assault on our cultural, moral and religious freedoms and because these assaults are new [or 'redefined'] each election cycle we offer some alternate sources: click on 'Frames' (above) to view the list.  index-elections.htm ,
VOTER GUIDES: Responses to questions or not.
SCORE CARDS: Incumbents voting record on high priority issues.
2004  These were preserved.  Other pages and links were deleted due to formatting limitations, old technology and broken links.
Pastors Do's and Don'ts
  2004   VOTER GUIDES     2004 .

(1 pg. ea. - 2 sided.)
04Nov-VG-Pinellas-f-NL.PDF , State + Local.
 04VG-ccFLA.PDF , Pres + Congress.
(1 pg.  - 2 sided.)
/04Nov-VG-Pinellas-f-NL.HTML , State + Local.
 (print in Portrait - Dbl sided.)
04JudgesonBallot.htm - FL judges up for Retention.
CC Ballot Amendments evaluation will be on the Nov 2  Voter Guide - for a peek see: 2004Ballot-Initiatives-04 .htm.  . These have been added to the General Election Voter Guide with "suggested" positions.
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2004 SCORE CARDS      2004 

 2004 CC Congressional Scorecard (PDF)
 FL's Judges Scorecard (/ePress/)
Concerned Women for America LAC:(CWA Leg. Action Committee) http://www.cwalac.org/ ; Pastors Guidelines. PDF
... House (all seats): http://www.cwalac.org/house0904.PDF
... Senate(all seats): http://www.cwalac.org/senate0904.PDF

CWA: 108th Congress; (FL Reps. in House )
 . . h.ttp://congress.cwfa.org/cwfa/scorecard/?session=108&chamber=H#FL
Christian Coalition: National : 108th Congress
. Nat. http://www.cc.or/ , U.S. Congress And Senate Voter Guides PDF
Christian Coalition: State,FL House & Senate: FL:, 2004ScoreCard.PDF,  2003 ScoreCard.pdf ,
..  Presidential Scorecard: http://www.votinginfo.org/, each opinion documented & referenced.
2004 Partisan & Non Partisan Elections Information & Links at NEPrimer.com/ePRESS/
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