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This is the index.htm page for some of our Special Voters Guides of information and resources for registered voters covering various issues and candidates in government today.
Florida Legislature Score Card: 2009-CCFLA-Scorecard.pdf

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dotPrimary;  September 1, 2009 - Primary Election Voter Guides: Registration Deadline: is/was 8/06/2009
St. Petersburg:   Non partisan voter guide by web tech.
dot#########General; November 3, 2009 - General Election Voter Guides:  Registration Deadline: is/was  10/01/09
St. Petersburg:   Non partisan voter guide by web tech.

dotCandidate Questions:
  State & Federal + School Board.
CandidateQuestions/index.html ;

dotFL Legislative Scorecards: 
"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: and a People who mean to be their own governours, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."   James Madison to WT Barry, August 4, 1822.”
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