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Preliminary info:
  1. This years ballot is extra large due to the 11 Amendments so the Voters Guide and auxiliary info is larger.  A printable (HTML) Summary is provided at: ccpcfl.net/Voter-Guides/2012/2012GenElectSummaryPicks.html . [or in PDF]
  2. The Summary will include candidate picks by local conservative, Christian Coalition members because the Voter Guide doesn't pick them for you; and with recommendations on the 11 Amendments.  (The FL Family 'Endorsements on Amendments' recommend YES on all 11.)
  3. The Table below is for back checking Summary suggestions and is mostly a cut and paste from FL Family Policy Council which will become a Pinellas email Voter Guide alert.  (The black text and blue links in the Table below are quoted from flfamily.org so you can back check all suggested picks.  The magenta text are the ccpcfl.net web tech's explanatory notes and opinions.)
Vote "NO" on 3 SC Justices.Update 10/16/12  new
Hi Pinellas and FL Values Voters,

  1. 2012 Florida Supreme Court Judicial Voter Guide  (PDF) with information on how each justice voted (decided) in various important cases.  This is a Guide for 3 FL Supreme Ct. Justices due a vote on retention. Check this out - see if you agree with the Guide and Summary NOT to retain all 3 of them.
  2. Mostly history that documents these 3 Supreme's decisions.  The "Activist" Journey of the Supreme Court  (PDF) Additional research on Florida Supreme Court decisions.  ... on each judge of the FL Supreme Court over a period of years.
  3. General Election County & Circuit Court Judge Information (PDF) In depth guide on each county's local judges. (Hard to use but you can look for Pinellas' Summary which suggests a YES to retain on all 4.)
  1. Educational Voter Guide (PDF) This gives a brief point on both sides of each amendment issue.
  2. Vote "YES" on all Amendments. Endorsement Voter Guide from Florida Family Action. (PDF) They endorsed a YES on ALL of the amendments except #-7 which was removed from the ballot.  One Summary "Pick" will agree with FLFPC for a YES on all amendments.
  3. Pinellas County School Board (quoted from ballot) "REFERENDUM QUESTION - This is a renewal/continuation, not an increase, of a one-half mill ad valorem tax for School District operating expenses, including funds to recruit and retain quality teachers; preserve reading programs, music and art classes; and provide up-to-date textbooks and technology with oversight of expenditures by an independent citizens financial oversight committee. Originally approved by the voters in 2004, and renewed in 2008. If this referendum is passed it will become effective 7/1/2013 and expire 6/30/2017."  The Summary will suggest NO on renewal of tax.

Click on "Candidates" for your county PDF Voter Guide.Candidates:  (<< This link will connect to each of the 67 FL counties FL Family Voter Guide.)
  • Click on the name of your FL county to download the Guide for your region. (This is a direct link to Pinellas' Voter Guide (double sided, 8.5" x 14" PDF.))  The Summary recommends candidates.

Hard Copy Guides:  How to get them for your church, company, club or group: 
  1. Print from FL Family's PDFs and copy and distribute.
  2. Want to pick them up?  Download the (.xls) spreadsheet of County Voter Guide Hubs  and scroll down to your county for the name, address, phone i.e. contact info. or order online at bottom of candidates link.  
  3. The Pinellas 'Hub' is:  Pinellas , FFA Field Director's Office , Regina Brown , 12981 Walsingham Road , Largo FL 33774 ; 727-265-1332.   Call for office hours.
Supervisor of Elections, Pinellas: 
  • Pinellas' sample ballot with amendments is here: PDF (4 pgs. 8.5" x 17").  Go to this page to get your town's specific Municipal Contests and Questions.  (There are 7 towns with races this time.)
Email Alert:
  • Please consider forwarding The Summary email to your FL friends and family interested in alternate, conservative voter information. 
rek, ccpcfl.net web tech.

The printable (HTML) Summary is provided at: ccpcfl.net/Voter-Guides/2012/2012GenElectSummaryPicks.html , [PDF ]

Pastors helps:

5.   Matthew D. Staver, B.A., M.A., J.D. ; Liberty Council, Orlando, FL  8/18/00, Attorney addresses clergy and church legal participation in elections.
John Stemberger
,  FFPC (Florida Family Policy Council)

  • Please encourage your pastor to discuss and distribute the Voter Guide this Sunday, which is before the election FFPC Voter Guides can be distributed by churches legally without any tax status/law violation. Click here to watch a video where John Stemberger explains why. Part 1 of 2 (8 min) ; Part 2 of 2 (10 min.).

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Citizens and Values Voter background Info.:

     If you are a new voter or not sure about voting and would like some background i.e. a little history about the American Constitutional Republicracy (Info left out of today's public school and college textbooks), please see these links:  Freedom Principles 101 - a book review; or/and, a short article on  How To Vote The American Way .  
     If you are not sure about the affect that the removal of the Bible from public schools (1963) has had on you and your family, look at this critical analysis of Evolutionism video series:  Hisways.org/steward/TrueScienceCD/index.html  This factual material is also not taught in today's public schools.
     Changing the guard in Washington DC will help; but, real security is found in God who promised:   "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."  2 Ch 7:14

Click here to go to flfamily.org November 6, 2012 - GENERAL Election:  Voter Guide:

1. General Election Candidates List:  http://www.votepinellas.com/index.ph.p ,
2. Other sources:
  1. dotLeslie Waters (a former FL State Representative) provided picks on all 11 Amendments:   2012FLConstAmend.L.Waters.pdf , and on candidates: 2012Picks.L.Waters.pdf
  2. dotThis came by email: 2012AmendmentsFL.html  Only addresses Amendments 2, 4, 9, 10 & 11 - This email  recommends  a vote of "NO" unless you understand fully what the amendment says and does.

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 The Official Voter Guide Email Report.  UPDATED and CONSOLIDATED  [ to VG Directory ]

The page became available 7/30/12.  The candidates picks and links are posted here and were also emailed: .....  

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Current list of Alerts, VGs and Personal Picks.  (The email FFPC VGs copy for Aug Primary: 2012\JulyVGs3rdInfo.html)
10.  Summary of Picks for 2012 Primary Election Aug 14th , [Single Page PDF] [2 VGs per Page PDF] Pinellas County Commission and School Board included in above link.  For Reference links to FFPC VGs see next item.
9.  FFPC VGs http://flfamily.org/resources/voter-guides/ .  For US House/Senate see page 2 of Pinellas.  For local FL House/Senate see Pinellas .  Pinellas County Commission and School Board see Summary above.  (Update 8/6/12 FFPC JUDICIAL RESOURCE PAGE (PDF) ).
8.  The Universal, Non Partisan, Candidate Survey was not included in the Summary above (see "2012PinellasPrimaryCandidateSurvey.html").
7.  2nd July email alert re: VGs for Aug 14th.
6.  Vance's (Co-Chairman) Personal Picks. (pdf) . This is footnote [b.] on the summary above.
5.  1st July email alert regarding Primary on Aug 14th
4.  Eric's (Director) Personal Picks.
3.  S-Pinellas-912-Patriots - S Pinellas Voter Guide . This was footnote [c.] on the summary above; removed therefrom for lack of approval to publish summary.
2.  Reference 2012: List of Pinellas Candidates
1.  VICTORY REPORT: Insider's Report - March 10, 2012 Week 9: Florida Legislative Session
End of chronology of Primary Election information and voter options and sources.TBA:  2012 General [To Be Announced]  [ to VG Directory  ]  IF you haven't signed up for Voter Guides yet; you can still sign up and get the General Election VG in your email Inbox.  See the red sign up links above and below.

 2010 PRIMARY VOTER GUIDES AND PICKS.  The Official Voter Guide Email Report.  UPDATED and CONSOLIDATED to VG Directory ]

FL Presidential Primary, Jan 31
This voter guide (http://www.frcaction.org/index.cfm?i=LK11L03&f=AL11L04) outlines candidate stances on issues that are important to the family.  We researched the candidates' statements and votes on the ten issues that best give voters an understanding [of] the candidates [..] values.   [more...]

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