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FFPC2014 Nov.

new General Election Pinellas Candidates

  1. FL JUDICIAL VOTER GUIDE (FL Family Policy pdf)
  2. FL Executive & Legislative Voter Guide (FL Family Policy pdf) includes FL Constitution Amendments - (This link has explanations for the potential consequences for either vote choice.)
  Some conservative VOTE Recommendations are:  

 Co-Chairmen of Pinellas County Christian Coalition. *
  1. Dr. Vance R. Lackore (St Petersurg area ballot)
  2. Ron Scheffler also includes some picks for Largo and Seminole City seats.
  3. Eric Scharn  (Largo and Clearwater area ballot)
 Typical consensus on the 3 FL Amendments and Pinellas train question.
  1. 1. = NO.  to expansion and duplication of Water & Land bureaucracies. 
  2. 2. = NO.  to Marijuana: (Read John's "10 Reasons to Vote 'NO' on Amend. #2") or see: The Devil is in the Details - Vote No on 2 (8:53 min. video)
  3. 3. = NO.  to Governor making judicial appointments before judges term is up.
  4. NO.  to Pinellas County Referendum Qu. of a new Greenlight train from St Pete to Clwtr. (increases sales tax and includes 41 road crosses to really mess up traffic.
Additionally some Personal Recommendations by:

For Pastor Information:  Church Voter Guide Order Form (FFPC, hard copy delivery)
A consolidated printable Pinellas VG UnitedChristiansFL-VG.html ; (PDF) by United Christians of Florida - PAC
( *All titles used for identification purposes only.)
Other FL county voter guides at:

Clergy Helps:
1.  Matthew D. Staver, B.A., M.A., J.D. ; Liberty Council, Orlando, FL  8/18/00, Attorney addresses clergy and church legal participation in elections.

2.  John Stemberger,  FFPC (Florida Family Policy Council)
3.  Faith and Freedom Voter Guides for every state:
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Ref. General Election (Supervisor's web page.)  (11/04/14).

FFPC10/1/14  We (FL Family Action) need your help
"Organizing Florida to Take Back America!"

Two ways you can help: 

 1) We need your help this weekend for SUPER SATURDAY!   Join us for the fun in one of our five field offices to volunteer making phone calls to help identify voters that will make a difference!  Join us for food, fellowship, prizes and gift cards! Click on the map below or click HERE to locate the field offices in Pensacola, Orlando/Longwood, Tampa/Oldsmar, Seminole/Pinellas and Broward/ Fort Lauderdale

2) We also need help distributing voter guides:  To volunteer your church or business to serve as a county hub to drop off and pick up voter guides and / OR to be a County Hub leader and volunteer to distribute guides to churches in your area please e-mail (as soon as possible) giving us your first and last name, address, phone numbers, the county that you live in, and the name of your home church.  

Thank you and together we can make a difference!

dot  No Tax For Tracks Releases Poll Sept 8, 2014 (25 min. presser video.)      No Tax For Tracks Releases Poll Sept 8, 2014  (25 min. presser video.)  9/8/14.  A  $0.01 increase in sales tax is equal to a 14% increase!  Some details about the actual practice that I care about is that the trip from downtown St. Pete to downtown Clearwater would take 1 hour involve 16 stops and involve 41 crossings!  That means that the train is stopping traffic 41 times for every trip!  And depending on your round trips per day, you might be stopped in your car waiting (how long?) for a train to pass !  VOTE NO!
 dot   No Tax for Tracks advertisement (20 seconds).     No Tax for Tracks 20 second advertisement .  Courtesy of Betsi:  Let's get the views up and up !  Spread the word and Vote NO!

dot    How Congress Has Acted on Important Issues by Liberty Council Action, Mat Staver Esq.

dot   The list of Representatives' Voting ScoreCards.

4.  Medical marijuana on Florida's Nov. 2014 ballot.  Vote No. 3.  01/13/14   NSA can hack WiFi devices from eight miles away ( 1 hr. video) , or on UTube- To Protect and Infect . "I spy  They know where we’ve been.  Your home or office WiFi can be spied upon from as far away as eight miles.  A gadget used by the National Security Administration (NSA) called “Nightstand,” is a custom Linux-powered device that, by exploiting Windows systems, can compromise WiFi networks to insert spy software. Great for military use. But how about us folks here at home?"  (This information is a direct result of and benefit from America's patriot in exile Edward Snowden.)

 2.  01/09/14  Pinellas County's Term Limit Law is valid.  How do we file a criminal complaint?  And to whom?
  • Pinellas citizens continue to challenge corrupt commissioners  Tuesday, October 1, 2013
  • Citizens demand term limited Pinellas commissioners resign., July 24, 2012 video.   The 1st two speakers of the Pinellas Board of County Commissioners meeting, in the 1st 6 min. of the 43 min. video, identify that the Term Limit Law is valid and that violation of it is a 3rd degree felony (FL Statute 838.022).  The second speaker, a Pinellas County resident, asks the 4 term-limited commissioners to resign.  Their default silence was taken as a "no".  Their continued activity on the board over the last 18 months affirms their guilt.  They have broken the law, their oath of office and the trust of the people of Pinellas County.  Should we have the 4 outlaws, a voting majority of the board, be arrested and stop them from making any more bad decisions and bad policies?  All of the 4 term-limited commissioners activities are tainted and suspect.  They cannot be acting in the best interest of the people of Pinellas County; they are not even acting in their own best interest.  Let a new board of commissioners re-evaluate all planning and policy decisions of the board since the term-limit law was approved by the FL Supreme Court.  Is James L. Bennett, County Attorney, complicit since he is aiding and abetting these felonious activities in violation of his oath?  Justice delayed is justice denied.
  • Four Pinellas County Commissioners ineligible to serve - Eight is Enough  (6/29/12; 25 min. video at bottom of page.)
1.  01/02/14  Pinellas County "No Tax for Tracks"  This will be the Pinellas County Commissioners' "Light Rail" referendum on the November ballot.  It will raise your state sales tax to 8% plus other junk, see link.  CCPCFL recommends a NO vote.

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Republican Primary Election personal picks from Christian Coalition leaders.
The leaders are split.  Some are for Bircher and some for Jolly but none for Peters.  I, the web tech, believe that Jolly was the front leader but that Bircher's responses to the questions in this pdf (FL-CD-13CandidateQu-Resp.pdf ) swayed some.  Personally I like the idea that Bircher has already put his life on the line in defense of the Constitution and knows the meaning of an oath since his Marine service required the Military Oath of Service.

Ref. Primary Elections (Supervisor's web page.) (2/10/14).
2014 Elections:

Voter Information

Mark Bircher, David Jolly, and Kathleen Peters face off in the Republican primary on Tuesday January 14th.  Mail-in ballots should have already been received, and early voting starts January 4th.

The winner of the Republican primary faces off against Lucas Overby (I?) and Alex Sink (D) on March 11th.

Voter-Guides/2014/Doc4.docx , Voter-Guides/2014/Doc4.html , FL-CD-13CandidateQu-Resp.pdf ,

From Elections web page (1/8/14).
Republican Special Primary*

Representative in Congress, District 13
Mark Bircher      (REP)
David W. Jolly     (REP) Winner
Kathleen Peters (REP)
  1. *Florida has closed primaries; only voters registered with a political party may vote in that party's primary.
  2. There is no Democratic Special Primary because only one Democratic Party candidate qualified.
  3. The candidate receiving the most votes in this primary election will be placed on the March 11, 2014 Special General Election ballot.

Voter Information  courtesy of The Republican Liberty Caucus of Tampa Bay
Mark Bircher, David Jolly, and Kathleen Peters face off in the Republican primary on January 14th. Mail-in ballots should have already been received, and early voting starts January 4th.

The winner of the Republican primary faces off against Lucas Overby and Alex Sink on March 11th.

To find out if you live in Florida District 13 and/or find your precinct voting location for voting in person on January 14th/March 11th, check the website.

See also futurestar burst
Current list of Alerts, VGs and Personal Picks.  (The email FFPC VGs copy for Aug Primary: JulyVGs3rdInfo.html)
1.  Summary of Picks for 2014 Primary Election Aug 27th ,
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