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2016 Nov 8th General Election 2016 August Primary 2016 Legislative Report 2016 Presidential Primary (Feb.)

Email-2016 Election Victory Wrap Up 

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2016 Nov.  8th

new General Election Pinellas County Ballot.

    The Co-Chairmen of Pinellas County Christian Coalition unanimously approves the "912 Candidate Suggestions".
  1. Dr. Vance R. Lackore *(approves 912 comprehensive VG)
  2. Ron Scheffler *(approves 912 comprehensive VG)
  3. Eric Scharn * (approves 912 comprehensive VG)
  4. Pinellas 912's County wide conservative picks on candidates, judges retention or NOT, 4 State Amendments, 6 Pinellas Charter Amendments, School Board Referendum qu. plus Municipal candidates and amendments.  All of this is online and in a printable PDF file.

2016 Gen. Election Voter Guide by FL Fam. Policy Council...Other Resources for Comparison:
  1. 2016 Gen. Election Voter Guide by FL Fam. Policy Council... >>
  2. iVoterGuide  Release Date: Saturday, October 15, 2016
  3. Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections > Home  A sample ballot for all of Pinellas is available on this site.
  4. Pinellas County Announced & Qualified Candidates 2016
( *All titles used for identification purposes only.)

    Other FL county voter guides and resources from FL Family Policy Council and Faith & Freedom Coalition.  
  2. Church Approved Voter Guide:
  3. Here's a email address to Faith & Freedom Coalition where churches can order bulk voter guides for Nov. election. church(a)  or check them out at: 
    Clergy Helps:
1.  Matthew D. Staver, B.A., M.A., J.D. ; Liberty Council, Orlando, FL  8/18/00, Attorney addresses clergy and church legal participation in elections.

2.  John Stemberger,  FFPC (Florida Family Policy Council)
  • Please encourage your pastor to discuss and distribute the Voter Guide this Sunday, which is before the election FFPC Voter Guides can be distributed by churches legally without any tax status/law violation. Click here to watch a video where John Stemberger explains why. Part 1 of 2 (8 min) ; Part 2 of 2 (10 min.)

    PS:  Select Amendments.  ALL Amendments (PDF)
  1. "No" on 1 | Vote No on solar because there is no savings! "What is hidden from view is the fact that utility companies will be able to charge consumers for the electricity they should be using (and aren't because they are using solar instead). ..."  
  2.  "No" On 2 | Vote No on Pot  FL AMENDMENT 2 = LOOP HOLES,  Don’t let them fool you.  Amendment 2 is not designed to help the sick.  Amendment 2 is designed to legalize pot smoking in Florida.  If it was going to help someone we would have known about it 50 years ago.
  3. ,,,

2016 August Primary (Aug. 30) ELECTION VOTER PICKS.

2016 Aug. 30th

new August Primary Election - Conservative Pinellas Candidatesnew

Printable Resources:
This link to Voter Email summary:  /2016-08-30AugPrimaryVoters.html or as PDF (2 lists / page.)
Printable links to hand out: PRINT-LINKS-FL-PrimaryAug2016.html oras PDF (10 links / page.)
Items in 1. are the voter recommendations.  Items in 2. and following are additional resources.
  1. - Christian Coalition of Pinellas' voting recommendations for August 30 Primary. (html page.)  (PDF)
    Conservative VOTE Recommendations* by: Co-Chairmen of Pinellas County Christian Coalition. *
    1. Dr. Vance R. Lackore (St Petersburg area ballot)
    2. Ron Scheffler also includes some picks for Largo and Seminole City seats.
    3. Eric Scharn  (Largo and Clearwater area ballot)
    4. Typical consensus on the #4 FL Amendment question is NO.

    This link to Voter Email page:  /2016-08-30AugPrimaryVoters.html or as PDF (2 lists / page.)
    Printable links to hand out: PRINT-LINKS-FL-PrimaryAug2016.html or as PDF (10 links / page.)
  2. - iVoterGuide Real good for identifying conservative incumbents.
  3. - FL Family Scorecard page.

  4. Other references:
( *All titles used for identification purposes only.)

2016 Legislative Insider's Report

  1. Legislative Insider's Report:  Week 1 of 9 in the Florida Legislature  1/16/2016  Bills, Bills, Bills ...
  2. Legislative Insider's Report:  Week 2 of 9 in the Florida Legislature  1/25/2016  "My Bills" ...
  3. Legislative Insider's Report:  Week 3 of 9 in the Florida Legislature   1/29/2016   Progress of Bills ...
  4. Legislative Insider's Report:  Week 4 of 9 in FL Leg (FL Family Policy Counsel)
  5. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-4-of-9-FFPC.html 2/06/16
  6. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-5-of-9-FFPC.html  2/13/16
  7. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-4-5-of-9-Ahern.html  2/15/16
  8. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-6-of-9-FFPC.html  2/22/16
  9. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-6-of-9-Ahern.html  2/22/16
  10. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-7-of-9-Ahern.html  2/29/16 
  11. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-8-of-9-Ahern.html  3/7/16
  12. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-9-of-9-FFPC-VICTORY-REPORT.html  3/15/16
  13. 2016FL-LegReport-Week-9-of-9-Ahern.html  4/11/16
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2016 Presidential Primary (Feb.) ELECTION VOTER GUIDES & PICKS.

Hi Pastor and friends,              Feb. 18, 2016

    Here's the info on the FL Presidential candidate primary election due in March.  Some of the voters already have the mail-in-ballots and are expecting the Voter Guides (VGs) shortly.  In the old days when I was delivering them some of the churches didn't know how many to take.  I would usually suggest the usual Sunday AM worship attendance times 2 or more.  The reasons are that not everyone comes every Sunday; and and we should encourage the dutiful voters to give some to their friends, family and neighbors; and, the more Sundays between receipt and Florida's election day (March 15) allows for better distribution coverage.
    Since we are in the digital age I would recommend putting this whole link, into the Sunday bulletin until election day, for personal access to the Voter Guides at FFPC's web site: .  That link has both links to the VG's in PDF download format and to the  church ordering form which are Free as in no charge.
rek web tech.
PS:  Although this is a FL guide; it is good in every state. 
PSS:  The PDF file didn't print very well for me.  It cut off the leading 3 characters of the bold policy position descriptions of the left column of both sides (parties) of the guide.  (I got this to print...) Here is their guide in Black-White (4.5Mb.) (2016Guide-FFP-digital_ccBlack-White.pdf   If you want to save some ink, Print and Distribute links, print this page of 12 links: VotersGuidesLinks.pdf  (12 links per page.  Print all you want.)
PSSP:  This page and other VG links at::  (all location URLs are case sensitive)
PSSPS:  NEW 3/12/16 FRC Action Election 2016 Presidential Candidate Voter Guide  Equip yourself with the facts before you vote. See where the candidates stand on the important issues affecting faith, family, and freedom.

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Ref. General Election (Supervisor's web page.)
2016 Nov 8th General Election 2016 August Primary 2016 Legislative Report 2016 Presidential Primary (Feb.)