What is a Liaison?
Christian Coalition of Pinellas County, FL.
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    Studies indicate that as many as three quarters of church attending, self-identified Christians do not vote regularly.  And, only half of those eligible to vote are registered.  Moreover, many Christians go to the polls either uninformed or misinformed.  Therefore, the role of a church liaison, although not difficult, is one of the most important positions in the organization and one that can have the greatest impact upon the community..
Becoming a Church [/Work /Neighbor]. Liaison..
    The Christian Coalition has hundreds of local chapters across the country with thousands of volunteers involved in the public policy process.  Their goal is to help restore hope and order to their communities, their state and ultimately the nation by getting involved in the political process.
    One of the most important persons involved in the restoration process is the Church Liaison.  Church Liaisons represent their respective churches in the local Christian Coalition chapter, and their responsibilities include helping the pastor initiate and facilitate civic involvement among the church congregation.
    The liaison can, with the approval of their pastor and the assistance of the Christian Coalition, initiate the following activities:
 + Conduct regular voter registration drives to achieve registration of all eligible voters in the church,
 + Distribute nonpartisan voter guides, legislative scorecards and special inserts through the church bulletin
 + Disseminate legislative updates and issue alerts throughout the year
 + Form & oversee a Citizens Committee to help activate fellow church [/work /neighbor] members.
    As Christians, we must not forget that we have God-given stewardship duties that encompass the political process.  God ordained government; He therefore ordained our involvement in the governing process.  Answer God's call to your church.  Become a Church Liaison today.                   [ PDF doc. format ]
If you want to help your friends in: your church ("CHURCH LIAISON"), your workplace ("WORK 
LIAISON") &/or on your block ("NEIGHBOR's LIAISON") please contact:
Ron Scheffler - Chairman
13563 Cordova Drive ,  Largo, FL  33774
727-595-6971 or
John Hicks of Palm Harbor - North County Dir., 727-785-2066 or
St. Pete Dir.s; M. Peeler 727-631-2159 ; E. Scarlotto  727-688-3061
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 I am interested in:
.|_|. becoming a Church Liaison from my local church.
.|_|. receiving more information about Church Liaisons.
.|_|. helping distribute voter guides and scorecards in my local church /work /neighborhood.
.|_|. becoming active in my local Christian Coalition chapter.
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