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     The eMail Sign Up form is part of our Values Voter outreach.  We maintain the privacy of every person submitting their information.   Therefore, the information you supply will not be sold, traded, or shared with any other organization.   You will not be spammed.
     HOW IT WORKS:   This eMail Sign Up form utilizes an exclusively "opt-in" service that does not send unsolicited email.   The only way to receive email directly from this service is to submit your information.   By doing so you are authorizing us to add your information to our list.  If you want to help spread the voter guide information you have our encouragement to forward the voter guide email to your local friends and family.  Most of the extra data is for the Values Voter outreach program to grow into the 24 municipalities in Pinellas County for values voter information and candidate accountability.  Please consider being a municipal volunteer and/or liaison.
     EMAIL UPDATES:   In order to update you on the status of The Christian Coalition of Pinellas County, FL, you will receive email on an infrequent basis until a regular basis can be established that you can "opt-in" or "opt-out-of".   We will  update you on the needs, news and/or results of any events of note.   In all email sent to you it will be understood that you may "unsubscribe" or "remove" at any time by "replying" to unsubscribe i.e. be removed from the list and thereby receive no further email from Christian Coalition of Pinellas County, FL.  Currently we have TWO volunteers sharing the email list.  One is for the monthly newsletter; and the other is for the voter guides and alerts.  To completely unsubscribe from both lists you will have to unsubscribe by replying to each list holder.

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